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This page was created with the intent of aiding in the education, social awareness, and inspiration of fellow patriots. We find it remarkable, and alarming that the vast majority of the populace has no idea what “our” government is doing and the incremental steps it is taking to change our way of life. Everyday legislation is passed that effects our liberties. We do not mean to imply that Americans are unintelligent, but there is a level of ignorance that simply cannot be dismissed. We do our best to present stories that are based on fact. We are not professional educators, scholars or journalists. We are just the ordinary Americans that have deep concerns about what direction this country is heading towards.

So with this goal in mind, we embrace any comments to the subject matter we present. This includes “Everyone” despite what your political leanings are, your religous views or affiliations. This page is designed to be an open forum for “ALL” to express your views on the current events of today and those in the past. We do however “suggest” that colorful language be kept to a minimum. We do not support suppression of ones right to free speech, but ask all to keep the “golden rule” in mind.

A final note: The stories presented on this page were published by others and the staff of Men With Foil Hats, and as we have stated, we do our best to diligently verify them as a matter of fact. We do not endorse , nor subscribe to any particular subject matter posted on the web, but rather put forth information for the reader to decide the veracity of the subject. If you, the reader, disagree and or discover that they are indeed less than factual, or just blatantly false, we would appreciate your efforts to present the evidence and a retraction will be made publicly.

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