Obama, Holder, ACORN connection to voting “enforcement”

Not only is Barack Obama’s Department of Justice pleased to file suit against states which seek to legally ensure only registered voters who are American citizens will vote in the upcoming election; it is now actively working with ACORN’s “Project Vote” to register voters revealed to be quite illegal!

Documents obtained from the Colorado Department of State show ACORN and its Project Vote had pressured the State to make it “easier” for welfare recipients to register to vote in the 2008 and 2010 elections. And after those changes, “…the percentage of invalid voter registration forms from Colorado public assistance agencies was four times the national average.”

And not only is the Department of Justice doing everything in its power to make certain illegal voters in November will be many and their votes counted; officials from both the Department and the White House have met with Estelle Rogers, Director of Advocacy for ACORN’s Project Vote for the purpose of discussing strategy.

And that strategy is of course directed at making sure Barack Hussein Obama remains in the White House with the assistance of as many illegal votes as possible.

The Examiner reports that “…70 ACORN employees in 12 states have been convicted of voter registration fraud.” And “…of the 1.3 million registrations Project Vote/ACORN submitted in the 2008 election cycle, more than one third were invalid.”

And Rogers herself wields her connection to the Obama White House and Justice Department like a club, threatening states with DOJ lawsuits should they actually attempt to make certain that elections are honest and voters properly screened.

In February she wrote to Associate Deputy Attorney General Robert Weiner, complaining the Obama DOJ had yet to file any Section 7 National Voting Right Act lawsuits. Less than a month later, the Department had sued Rhode Island.

via Shocker: ACORN Manipulating Votes-Again! This Time, DOJ Helping. | Western Journalism.com.