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Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis spent most of last year on his second tour of Afghanistan; he was assigned to the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force. While carrying out his duties the Colonel talked to the troops about their situation in the region. He talked to everyone in any position as well as allies and Afghan security forces. He traveled over 9,000 miles and personally patrolled with ground troops in several provinces. Give credit to Co. Davis he saw the real situation up close and in person.  His unclassified report to The Armed Forces Journal exposed that the situation on the ground is the total opposite what has been reported to the American Public.


Col. Davis revealed that the situation in Afghanistan was not improving and that the security forces were nowhere near ready to fight against the Taliban. They lacked the will and courage to take the fight to the terrorists. The areas of the country that are not under the direct control of the Americans and theInternational Security Assistance Forces were the territory of the Insurgents and Davis felt they would remain so.

The local Afghan government is inept and the Afghan military have no desire to confront the Taliban Insurgents and in some cases actually collude with the terrorists. Americans in country have little trust, confidence and respect for Afghanis because they lack the resolve to take on the Insurgents that will kill them and their families once the Americans leave.

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