The TSA: Brazenly Strip-Searching and Just as Brazenly Lying About It

Becky Akers

As usual when musing about a particular sample of the TSA’s evil, it’s tough to decide which detail most infuriates.

Photo: CBS New York

The Case of the Strip-Searched Seniors offers a perfect example. What angers you most: the TSA’s shaming frail, elderly invalids by compelling them to disrobe for a governmental goon’s inspection; its lying about these atrocities; or its “apology” that continues smearing the grannies as prevaricators?

You remember Lenore Zimmerman. She’s the 85-year-old resident of Long Island, NY, the TSA strip-searched at JFK International Airport before her flight to Florida in November. Only Our Rulers could have mistaken this lady for a recruit to Al Qaeda: she probably weighs less than her walker, and for sure its legs are thicker than hers. As Ms. Zimmerman herself noted, “I really look like a terrorist.” She wears a defibrillator and suffers from a hunched back.

True to its Nazi mentors, the TSA preys on just such weak and helpless people. When Ms. Zimmerman asked for a pat-down to avoid the porno-scanner at the checkpoint, two deviants “escorted her to a private room and began to remove her clothes.

“‘I was outraged,’ said Zimmerman, a retired receptionist.” Who wouldn’t be? But of course, the time when indignation could have achieved something was 40 years ago, when the Feds first meddled with aviation’s security. Government-mandated and –managed checkpoints specifically designed to disarm us should have outraged everyone to rebellion.

At any rate, Ms. Zimmerman’s story hit the headlines. And the TSA responded as it always does: with flat-out falsehoods. “’…TSA does not include strip searches in its protocols and a strip search did not occur in this case,’ the agency said in a statement.”

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