In just three months Alabama has moved up from being the 42nd worst unemployment state to the 28th on the national list.

By Kevin Coach Collins | Western

Alabama and Arizona are being sued by Barack Hussein Obama to farther his insidious plan to erase our borders and allow millions of potential new Democrat voters to flow in and snuff out our liberties.

Both states have taken strong measures to get their illegal alien problem under control and both are experiencing improvements in their unemployment rates, but the results in Alabama have been stunning.

Since putting its tough anti-illegal alien bill H. B. 56 into effect last September Alabama has seen an overnight increase in the number of her citizens working and a drop in the percentage of Alabamians collecting unemployment benefits.

The numbers tell the story and they are embarrassing for Obama. In the first month after H.B. 56 became law Alabama’s unemployment rate fell from 9.8 to 9.3 percent. Last month the number dropped to 8.1% which is .4% below the national average. Some quick math shows this is a 1.7% drop…

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