Double Vaccine Production by 2015

The State Column

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the production of flu vaccinations will increase by 1.7 billion doses by 2015, globally.

After the embarrassing distribution of H1N1 pandemic vaccine, the WHO announce they are increasing the amount of seasonal flu vaccines to nearly 2 billion by 2015. This will leave the WHO well prepared should another global pandemic arise in the future. Smart move.

Experts say that currently the facilities are insufficient to produce adequate vaccines in a timely manner, and it is about time that production was expanded.

As a result, 37 manufacturers could potentially triple their production, and 11 new manufacturers in developing nations could open. These new facilities and production lines will allow for a reactive response to emergency situations.

According to Marie-Paule Kieny, the WHO assistant director-general, ““The estimate is by 2015, if all projects that are currently going on get to successful implementation, we would have something around 1.7 billion doses of seasonal vaccine.”

H1N1 vaccines are particularly difficult to develop based on the virus is constantly mutating. These mutations accumulate and require careful monitoring during pandemics.

Vaccines typically contain an agent that resembles the disease causing microorganism or a weaken form of the microbe.

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