Media Matters’ War on Fox News an Effort at Indoctrination

Mark Whittington|AssociatedContent

David Brock, the apostate ex-conservative turned liberal crusader, may regret declaring “war on Fox News” on behalf of the organization he now heads, Media Matters. Fox News has taken him at his word and is now acting accordingly.

According to Politico, not only has Fox used its considerable resources to run investigative segments on Media Matters, an ostensible media watchdog group, but has challenged that organization’s tax-exempt status. The question arises where “education,” something that is permitted for a tax-exempt group, becomes political activism, which is not permitted.

The “war on Fox News” Brock declared seems to go beyond just challenging factually what is broadcast on the popular cable news network. Politico’s Ben Smith recently recounted that the war is going to be fought on a number of fronts, including the “disruption of the commercial interests” of Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of News Corp, the parent company of Fox News.

Media Matters is also engaging in opposition research against Fox executives and producers, something which would seem to go beyond an education mandate and into something usually carried out by political advocates. It has also campaigned to influence advertisers to drop Fox News.

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