Third O’Keefe video punks NYC Medicaid workers

Matthew Boyle|TheDailyCaller

Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe released the third installment in his Medicaid fraud video investigation Wednesday. The new footage shows a government employee in New York City assisting a fictitiously named man, “Mario,” with a Medicaid application.

In the video, the man said he’s an out-of-work plumber who has “some stuff” he does “on the side.” Mario begins explaining to the Medicaid worker in New York that he sells “mushrooms.”

“I don’t want to raise any red flags in terms of what I’m doing,” Mario said. “I don’t know how to put it down exactly.”

The Medicaid worker interrupts Mario. “Don’t, don’t tell me nothing,” the worker said. “I don’t want to know nothing.” (Second O’Keefe Medicaid video shows workers in SC, NC helping ‘IRA’)

Mario then said he didn’t want “tax people or the police getting anything.” The Medicaid worker replies to Mario’s concern by saying: “They’ll just take your word.”

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