A congressional hearing on Wednesday about the radicalization of American Muslims said that a Somali group with ties to terrorism may be carving out a cell in San Diego.

By | KGTV San Diego

In June, the local ACLU filed an open records request for police and FBI case records in the Somali probes. The group has yet to get receive a response.

U.S. intelligence agents told ABC News they believe the Somali extremist group Al-Shabaab is just as big a threat as its ally Al-Qaida.

At Wednesday’s hearing, New York Rep. Peter King spelled out where the threat is playing out.

“Al-Shabaab is recruiting in U.S. mosques and Somali communities including Minneapolis and San Diego,” said King.

Last August, a former San Diegan was indicted and accused of supporting Al-Shabaab. In late 2010, San Diego was the setting for a stunning federal indictment. The imam of a City Heights mosque who preached non-violence was accused of aiding a terrorist group. The imam and several members of the mosque pleaded not guilty to sending aid and money to Al-Shabaab.

Another revelation that surfaced at the congressional hearing was that 40 Somali-Americans are believed to be fighting for the group.

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