Democrats’ actions are hypocritical

Steve Sarno|Coloradoan

Too busy dancing at the Jefferson memorial: With the Obama Administration shooting missiles into Libya, their absence on the national stage is quite conspicuous.

The double standard from the Democratic Party is both transparent and pathetic. A few examples: From March 2003 through January 2009, there were constant and intense daily protests from those objecting to the U.S. involvement in two wars. Unless I have missed something, in addition to those, we are in a third conflict in Libya. Just where are Code Pink and all of those protesters that were visible for years at the corner of Mulberry and College and around the country?


How about gas prices? In July 2008, we saw record gas prices, and the left was obsessed with blaming the gas prices on “those greedy oil men in the White House.” Where is the outrage now? It only gets a token mention from our crack watchdog lamestream media (thank goodness we have them watching out for us). Oh, and what about Gitmo being closed?

The left was in a tizzy with President George W. Bush, but must be OK with it now remaining open.Locally, several people have written urging Rep. Cory Gardner to have public meetings. Where were you last year when Betsy Markey refused to meet with her constituents during the health-care debate (remember that legislation that our elected officials passed without reading the bill)?

The president could correct the inconsistencies, but between taking his wife on a date to New York, filming “The View” and Oprah, filling out his NCAA brackets on ESPN, playing golf virtually every weekend, entertaining the Hollywood elite etc., maybe he is just too busy.

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