SEIU Infiltrates Republican Politics

Daniel Sayani|New American

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is well known as the most politically-engaged and radically leftist labor union in the United States today. SEIU frequently co-partners with the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) on various legislative and political events, and was a close partner of corrupt leftist advocacy group ACORN, but is now attempting to also steer the course of Republican politics.

The union also donated over $28 million to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, making it the largest single donor to the Obama campaign, and is known as a particularly ruthless union. In April 2010, the National Labor Relations Board’s regional office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina issued a federal complaint against a local SEIU chapter for maintaining an “annual objection” policy designed to force nursing home workers into full union dues payments against their will. In January 2011, The National Labor Relations Board issued a report finding that SEIU unlawfully threatened Kaiser Permanente employees with loss of wages and benefits if a rival union won the election and that SEIU had engaged in various acts of physical force and violence against supporters of a rival union.

Despite these strong-arm tactics and links with radical communists, SEIU is also successfully infiltrating the Republican Party (e.g., Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette, pictured above, who “stood with SEIU members….”), a tactic devised by Andy Stern, the former SEIU head, who actively worked with George Soros and other conspirators to enact a broad range of legislation such as the unconstitutional Employee Free Choice Act, and ObamaCare (which the union now, hypocritically, seeks exemption from).

Most recently, in the state of California, SEIU is seeking to influence GOP primary elections by backing and bankrolling moderate Republicans running against conservatives. The California SEIU says 87,000 of its 700,000 members are registered Republicans. With redrawn legislative boundaries looming and the creation of the top-two primary system, SEIU’s new leader Dave Kieffer has said this is the perfect time to start helping candidates extricate themselves from the grip of party extremists. SEIU is expected to launch its second ad campaign this weekend in the districts of current GOP legislators its officials believe could support Brown’s tax package. “I feel the far right, the tea party, is hijacking my party, and it’s saddening,” said John Orr, a parking officer at California State University, Fullerton and a registered Republican. “I hope through this PAC, this effort and the open primary that moderates can regain their voice.”

Not satisfied with its stranglehold over the Democratic Party, the SEIU is now seeking to wrest control of the GOP. The SEIU Republican PAC, which they call the “Golden California Committee,” is a clear example of an orchestrated attempt to neutralize resistance to the radical leftist agenda, and is not an entirely unknown phenomenon.

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