Report Says La Raza’s Federal Funding Doubled Since VP’s Appointment to the White House


Comprehensive Amnesty Threat

According to Judicial Watch, federal funding for the National Council of La Raza has doubled in the years since Pres. Barack Obama appointed former NCLR Vice President Cecilia Munoz as White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Since joining the Administration in 2009, La Raza’s funding has increased from $4 million to $11.1 million, mostly coming from the Labor Department headed by former California Congresswoman and amnesty supporter Hilda Solis.

As a Congresswoman, Hilda Solis regularly teamed up with La Raza for nationwide initiatives.

“It is distressing to know that the intensely special-interest advocacy of this open-borders group operates with millions of dollars from taxpayers while the public-interest advocacy groups like NumbersUSA don’t get a penny from the government to fight for taxpayers and workers of all ethnicities,” said NumbersUSA President Roy Beck. “Instead, we rely on the personal, voluntary contributions of taxpayers to fight the open-borders agenda of these groups like La Raza which all citizens are coerced to support through their taxes.”

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