Gay Rights Movement Taught as History?


2008: A children's story, 'And Tango Makes Three,' about gay penguins who together raise a female chick penguin has once again topped the list of books most objected to in public libraries and public schools.

The gay rights movement could soon find its way into U.S. history textbooks in California.

State measure SB-48 would require schools to include homosexual and transgender Americans in their curriculum.

The measure has already passed the state Senate and is now before the General Assembly.

If passed, the bill would likely have a nationwide impact. California is such a big buyer of text books that publishers often include the state’s curriculum in text books sold to other states.

Supporters of the bill believe the updated textbooks will help prevent gay students from being harassed or bullied.

Critics say the measure is an attempt to brainwash students into becoming pro-gay political activists.

A similar bill has passed in California before, but former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it.

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