Education Dept. Blocks Reporters from LGBT ‘Youth Summit’ Sessions for Teens

Patrick Ryan|CNSNews

Humanists have a right to believe as they do. But so do people of faith. Tolerance of different beliefs is an essential ingredient of a free society. But Humanists do not embrace such tolerance. They are, in fact, the most intolerant as they seek to indoctrinate and coerce others into their belief system. - Paul Anthony Melanson

The U.S. Department of Education refused to allow reporters into break-out sessions at its first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Youth Summit, a taxpayer-funded event attended by teenagers that was held at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington, D.C., on Monday and Tuesday.

When asked organizers why reporters could not attend the break-out sessions, Education Department public affairs specialist Jo Ann Webb said: “Every summit we’ve had has been this way. It’s to promote an open exchange and that’s just the rule, okay?” followed-up, asking, “Even though this is sponsored by the Department of Education and paid by federal tax dollars?” and Webb replied: “It’s been that way for every summit. If you’ve been coming in the past, it’s been that way for every summit.”

The LGBT Youth Summit, which was organized by the Education Department’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, seeks to “bring together students, educators, administrators, federal officials and nonprofit leaders to provide information and seek solutions that will help create and maintain safe school and supportive environments for all LGBT students so that they can be more focused on learning,” stated the conference agenda.

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