Assad paid Syrian protesters $1,000 each

Carl in Jerusalem|Israelmatzav

Syrian opposition groups say that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad paid ‘protesters’ $1,000 each to ‘protest’ at Israel’s borders. To put that in perspective, the average Syrian earned $242 per month in 2009. So Assad was offering more than four months’ salary (Hat Tip: Memeorandum). Demonstrators along the Syria-Israel border were paid thousands of dollars by President Bashar Assad’s regime to take part in Sunday’s riots, Syrian opposition activists charge.

Israeli officials later reinforced the claims, accusing the Syrian regime of encouraging protests along the northern border.

Washington-based members of the Reform Party of Syria said intelligence sources close to the Syrian government in Lebanon informed them that the protesters on the Syrian side of the Druze community of Majdal Shams were in fact poverty-stricken farmers paid by the Assad regime.

According to the sources, the farmers migrated over the last few years from drought-stricken northeast Syria to the south. They reached the Israel-Syria border on Sunday in the aims of reenact “Nakba Day” events, the sources said.

The Syrian opposition group claimed that each farmer was promised $1,000 for showing up at the rally and $10,000 to their families if they are killed by IDF fire.

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In a Related Twist…Guess Who Else was There

Palestinian, radical leftist protest in Israel turns violent

Jim Kouri|Examiner

Free Gaza a group that in the past engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli special forces troops is among the groups represented in today’s protests. It’s not know if  President Barack Obama’s Free Gaza friends –Weather Underground  founders William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who perpetrated a series of terrorist attacks in the U.S.,  and Jodie Evans, the leader of the radical activist organization Code Pink, who worked on the Obama campaign and California Governor Jerry Brown’s campaign — are involved today.

Besides the U.S. radicals, Islamic groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood contributing to today’s protests.

The suggestion to hold a propaganda display of this sort was raised by Dr. Paul Larudee, an anti-Israeli American activist who heads a radical leftist West Coast organization called the Free Palestine Movement (FPM). He has said that his organization intends, in collaboration with like-minded groups dealing with the so-called “right of return,” to put the idea into practice.

Interviewed by Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV, Larudee said that various organizations, among them the *Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), a British organization affiliated with Hamas, and an American branch of **Al-Awda (“the return”), wanted to send about 200 Palestinians with European and North American passports to Ben-Gurion Airport.

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