Alleged Reports of Military Convoys in Eastern States Coincides with TSA Exercise

Truckers Report Moving Military Equipment Across U.S, FEMA Involved!

Alex Thomas|TheIntelHub

In the last week, The Intel Hub has reported an extensive amount of military movements throughout the United States.

We now have reports that a huge movement of heavy artillery, tanks, rocket launchers ground to ground ground to air in and around Alexandria Virginia. The trucker reported that his friend was on a secret move and will being moving the stuff to upstate New York.

“This stuff is being distributed in areas to protect the population.”

One trucker reportedly went through the Mojave County and FEMA was everywhere.

“Prepare for a catastrophic event.”

While The Intel Hub has not independently confirmed this report it dose dovetail into recent reports that we have received in regards to suspicious military movements throughout the United States.

Theories to the reason for all the military movements that have been documented in the last week range from an October invasion of Libya, to earth changes, to literal martial law.

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