Radical Imam honored in California

Becky Yeh|OneNewsNow

CAIR’s version of the Yorba Linda protest subplanted by agent provactuers

The Orange County Human Relations Commission recently honored controversial imam Muzammil Siddiqi with a Community Leader award at its banquet in Anaheim. Siddiqi sits on the board of the Islamic Society of North America, a group that has been labeled an unindicted co-conspirator on a list of organizations that funnel money to terrorism.

Karen Lugo, a constitutional law attorney based in Southern California, serves as The Federalist Society‘s expert on sharia law. She says Siddiqi has voiced his distaste for America’s support of Israel, and he has been affiliated with the National American Islamic Trust, which finances many radical mosques in the United States.

“When you look at the number of associations, as well as comments [and] quotes from Muzammil Siddiqi, it is clear that he is very involved in advancing radical Islam and what we would consider sharia law in the United States,” Lugo explains.

The event drew protestors under the same organizers who rallied at the Yorba Linda Community Center earlier this year to protest a fundraising event that hosted two radical Islamic speakers. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) doctored a video of the protestors and called it an act of hate in Orange County. Lugo tells OneNewsNow the county’s Human Relations Commission responded to CAIR’s concern.

“This organization jumps to responding to CAIR’s complaint and does not look at the facts,” she contends.

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So here’s the TELL: CAIR’s version of the Yorba Linda Protest sub-planted by agent provocateurs…

By the looks of it, it does indeed paint a picture of a hateful and racist population, but looking under the rock of propaganda you see this:

It is interesting to note that the CAIR video has been viewed by far, more than the other. This may be because the liberal blogosphere has promoted this propaganda at the expense of American sovereignty.

In the end only you, as an American, can decipher the truth.