CIA in collaboration with RAW destabilising Pakistan

Pakistan Observer

Islamabad—In a great game going on in the region, CIA in collaboration with RAW is destabilising Pakistan to ultimately achieve its objectives of having a strong foothold in Afghanistan, containing China, and controlling Iran and oil reserves in the Middle East.

In an exclusive interview with Pakistan Observer, Brig (Retd) Imtiaz Ahmed, who has to his credit seventeen years of long experience in intelligence service of the country including his appointment as the top man in the Intelligence Bureau (IB) while giving his views on post-Osama period said Pakistan is passing through a difficult time when CIA has unleashed its onslaught against ISI to malign it in the eyes of the people of Pakistan and the world.Imtiaz said war on terrorism, in fact was war on Osama by CIA in collaboration with Raw.

The situation is clearing up now as Osama has been eliminated, who was in fact non-functional. Ayman al-Zawahiri and other top-ranking leaders were in the driving seat carrying out their missions.

A Pakistani security official stands guard at the site of bombing in Shabqadar near Peshawar.

Following Osama’s death, Al-Qaeda and its associates who will feel handicapped, are bound to take revenge with fall out on Pakistan. He cited the example of Shabqader terror incident on Thursday where more than eighty men of Para- military force were perished in two suicide attacks.Basically, he said the Abbottabad episode has plunged the country into a new state of affairs after the US military invasion deep into Pakistan’s territory.

Now, Pakistan has to fight on two fronts— terrorism and brute force of America.When asked how Pakistan could face this American brutalism, he said Pakistan’s domestic political scene is overcast by holocaust created by CIA and its collaborators causing misgivings and feeling of insecurity across the entire national canvass. The whole national scene has to be seen in the strategic plan conceived by the US in collaboration with India to establish its writ in South Asia. Their objectives are confinement of China, influence on Iran, strong foothold in Afghanistan and controlling oil reserves of Arab world.

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