Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Candidate for Presidency Favors Shari’a, End to Peace With Israel

Patrick Goodenough|CNSNews

With regard to the 1979 Camp David peace accord with Israel, Abu Ismail called it “insulting to the Egyptian people.” “It must be canceled, and I will do my best to convince people to cancel it.”

An Egyptian cleric closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood has declared his candidacy in this year’s presidential elections, three months after the organization first said it would not put up a candidate for president.

The MB has sought to allay concerns expressed at home and abroad about a looming Islamist takeover in the Arab world’s biggest country, saying that its newly-established “Freedom and Justice Party” would operate independently of the Brotherhood, with its membership open to all Egyptians.

It also pledged not to contest more than 50 percent of the seats in parliament in legislative elections to be held shortly before the presidential poll, while moving away from rhetoric viewed as discriminatory towards women and Coptic Christians.

The candidacy of Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail and his declared positions on sensitive issues will not help the MB’s effort to present a more palatable face, however.

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