May 24 to May 25, 2011 Tornadoes in Midwest, Normal or HAARPED?

Teresa Knudsen|Suite101

On Tuesday, May 24th and the early hours of Wednesday, May 25, 2011, the US Midwest is hit with severe weather and tornadoes from Mother Nature or HAARP.

Shortly after midnight on May 25, 2011, the little town of Denning, Arkansas, was hit by a tornado reported to be one mile wide. Live streaming from 4029 TV stated that downed live power lines and gas leaks are adding danger to the devastation. At least twenty to thirty homes of about 100 have been levelled, with reports of residents trapped in their homes, injuries, and fatalities.

Destruction of Denning Joins Chain of Storms

The tornado that hit Denning was part of a string of storms reported from Texas to Iowa. In Oklahoma, tornadoes killed at least 5 people and left at least 20 people in critical condition, according to News OK, of the Oklahoman.

Dutchsince Reports Tornados and Severe Weather to Iowa and East to Virginia

At 5:32 pm, CST, reporter dutchsince noted that the line of storms reach from San Antonio, Texas, north into Iowa and Wisconsin, and east into Pennsylvania and Virginia, with five to ten tornadoes. He warned that “This list WILL expand to cover more of the cities forecasted by the HAARP ring forecasters over the past few days.”

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