Currently, New Handguns Cannot Go To DC Homes

John Henrehan|MyFoxDC

WASHINGTON – Despite a landmark Supreme Court ruling, D.C. residents currently have no way to legally bring a new handgun into their homes.

In 2008, the nation’s highest court determined that residents of the District of Columbia do have a Second Amendment right to keep handguns in their houses for personal protection. The city council later amended its ordinances.

There are two sets of rules: one for long barreled weapons, and one for handguns. (Since there are no guns stores in D.C., all purchases must be made outside the District.) For rifles and shotguns, once the paperwork is complete, a D.C. resident can bring home his or her weapon. Federal law, however, requires that handgun purchases made across a state line require shipment to a “federal firearms licensee” (FFL).

In D.C., there is only one such company: C.S. Exchange, Ltd., which, until about a month ago, operated in a second story office at 1213 Good Hope Rd., SE. No one is currently answering the door at that company. The owner declined an interview, but told WTOP radio (which first reported this story) that he is searching for a new location.

Effectively, there is currently no legal way for a D.C. resident to bring home a new handgun.


A spokesman for the NRA said DC’s still-restrictive ordinances are an effort to “circumvent” personal Second Amendment rights. Councilman Phil Mendelson (D– at-large), who was instrumental in drafting the local law, disagrees.

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