A 2009 Consumer Reports poll revealed that the majority of consumers would not eat genetically engineered food

While Mrs. Obama has remained silent on these topics, the actions of the agencies that regulate our food under President Obama speak volumes.

Wenonah Hauter | Grist.org


While the Obama administration is ignoring consumers’ simple pleas for safer food and more information about where their food is coming from and how it’s produced, they’re neglecting the small and medium food operations that are a critical source of good jobs and are vital to restoring regional food systems that deliver fresh, healthy food to everyone — not just those of us who can afford to shop at the farmers market or have the time to keep up our own gardens.

This administration has delayed the implementation of rules that would give farmers fair access to markets, even though the last farm bill unequivocally authorized the USDA to do so. These rules would enable small-and-medium-sized livestock farmers to compete with the four companies that process more than 85 percent of the beef slaughtered in the U.S. Currently, these farmers barely make enough money to stay afloat.

It’s not just the people who grow our food on land who are getting the shaft. The administration is promoting unsustainable plans including offshore factory fish farming and “catch and trade” schemes, which skew fisheries toward industrial production, leading to lower wages and fewer jobs for small and medium fishing operations.

Is the first-term Obama administration “dissing” his base and following the money? What are people dissatisfied with this failure to do?

The answer: Eaters must become more political. We can’t just vote with our forks.

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