Thousands Protest Anti-Union Bill in Wisconsin

Jason Racki|FoxBusiness

Taxpayers foot the bill as 40% of Union led teachers call in sick to protest Walker's bill to reign in entitlements that are in part causing Wisconsin's fiscal maladies.

MADISON, WI – Thousands of teachers, union members and students packed the Wisconsin state house on Wednesday, vowing to remain for the rest of the week, in a heightening face-off with the new Republican governor over collective bargaining rights and pensions.

In a day-long rally that extended into the evening, as the state’s Joint Finance Committee met to consider the legislation designed to greatly curb public employees from union-led contract negotiating, protesters chanted slogans such as, “Union busting is disgusting,” and “Kill the bill.”

Filling several floors of the ornate, domed building, the protesters also toted signs showing their personal ire for Gov. Scott Walker himself, including “Suck it Walker” and “Show your face, coward!”

Mike Graff, a biology teacher, was holding the latter, and joined plumbing, electrical and garbage collection union members in calls for preserving union rights and upholding pension agreements.
“We’ve played by the rules for the last 20 years,” Graff told FOX Business.

“Now the concern is the rules will suddenly change.”

Beneath the capitol dome, the patchwork of interest groups provided a varied feel to the event – making it part rally, part concert, and part anti-globalization protest, replete with signs exclaiming “Tax the rich and corporations. Fix the deficit.”