Audio: Piven says Tea Party all about sex, or something

Still a radical after all these years. Piven is even scarier than the Grandmother you never wanted to kiss.

The Blaze captures audio from progressive political scientist Frances Fox Piven attempting to explain last month why Democrats found themselves out of the House majority in a historic midterm blowout.  You may want to take some Dramamine before listening to it, though, because it has more twists and turns than ObamaCare, which under the circumstances is the most appropriate comparison.

First Piven starts off by claiming that it’s all about, age, then race, and then it’s all about wealth — and then it’s all about race again.  She then decides that it’s all about sex, with explaining that this is based on the solid social-science method of pulling assumptions out of thin air:

Piven: “You know, I don’t have any data on this, but I am absolutely sure sex is very important in what is happening to older people.”

You know, I don’t have any data on this, either, but I am absolutely sure that smug, self-righteous, snobbish judgments without any evidence whatsoever is very important to political “scientists” of Piven’s ilk. In fact, Piven’s entire presentation is utterly fact-free — a series of condescending conjectures based on opinions formed without any data at all.

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