Man killed over dog peeing on lawn, killer gets probation

Debbie Herb|

Chicago, IL – Today, a shocking sentence was handed down in the murder of Joshau Funches, 23.

Mug Shot: Charles Clements

Charles Clements, 69, of University Park is a Marine vet with no prior criminal record.

In May, Joshua Funches was walking his dog. The dog lifted his leg and urinated on Clements lawn. Having repeatedly earned University Park’s lawn upkeep award, Clements often verbally harassed anyone who stepped near or on his precious grass, neighbors said. This day was no different. Clements pulled out a gun, but put it back away. According to the filing, Funches then yelled, “Old man if you pull a gun on me you better plan on using it,” then punched Clements in the face. Clements pulled his gun out again and shot and killed Funches.

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