Chupacabra Shot And Killed In Kentucky

Ron Hogan|POPFi

Has a farmer from Kentucky done something next to impossible?  Mark Cothren thinks so, and he’s sent off DNA samples to get the proof.  Mark Cothren, a farmer from rural Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, believes that he has shot and killed a mythical chupacabra.  The chupacabra, Spanish for goat sucker, is a cryptid animal that has long existed in folk lore, but has never been spotted in its natural habitat.

“I was like, ‘every animal has hair, especially this time of year!’  What puzzled me is how something like that could survive through a winter with no hair,” Cothren told Louisville TV station WAVE3.  Cothren shot and killed the animal on December 18th.  ”Everybody is getting very curious, you know.  [The] phone is ringing off the hook.  It’s kind of a mystery right now.”

The chupacabra sighting/shooting has made Kentucky the eighth state in the United States to have a chupacabra sighting.  Kentucky joins Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, New York, Arkansas, and Maine as potential hotbeds of chupacabra activity.  Most chupacabra are normal animals with mange, like raccoons or foxes or domestic dogs.  Kentucky also has a Big Foot, so why not chupacabra, too?

Editors Note MWFH’s : We hate to burst anyone’s bubble that finally this is the proof that Chupacabra’s exist, but we’ve seen more than our share of coons rummaging around. And unfortunately this is just that, a hairless, mangy raccoon.

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