‘She possibly will have her life derailed because of … irrational zero-tolerance policy’

By Bob Unruh|WorldNetDaily

Demarie DeReu

A teenage hunter in Montana is facing a school hearing in a few days that could derail her college plans, career hopes and even risk her identification as a “domestic terrorist” after she inadvertently parked in a school parking lot with a hunting rifle locked in a case inside her car trunk.

The report on the situation is coming from Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, who told WND he was contacted by the student’s mother.

The student and her mother were not available for immediate comment because of job and school schedules, and multiple WND calls to the Columbia Falls school district did not generate a response. In fact, the district office and the high school both told WND to call the other office for comment.

But Marbut told WND that the student, Demarie DeReu, will be facing a hearing on Monday at which the local school board could expel her.

“She will possibly have her life derailed because a bunch of school idiots insist that she must be subject to an irrational, ‘zero tolerance’ policy about guns in schools that does not countenance lack of bad intent. The theory that people with malice will be intimidated into good conduct if people without malice are punished in lieu of them is idiocy at its finest,” he said in his written documentation of the situation.

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