The UN: Liberty’s Enemy

Joseph Klein|NewsRealBlog

President Obama has made it a top priority of his foreign policy to “re-engage” with the United Nations. Incredibly, he warned that not following “the United Nation’s demands” (sic) would make “all people less safe.”

In a fitting year-end commemoration of the United Nations‘ accomplishments,  the Security Council and General Assembly were evacuated recently amid reports of a “suspicious odor” at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The stench turned out to be sewage-related.

To be fair, the United Nations headquarters is going through some major reconstruction work, which could explain the sewage and the spate of bedbug attacks reported around the UN headquarters. Perhaps, in retrospect, the UN’s staff would have been better off following the design ideas of former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. Ambassador Bolton had wisely suggested  that nobody would notice the difference if we lost ten stories off the top of the United Nations building.

At the time Bolton made this suggestion, Bolton’s opponents criticized his lack of respect for the globalist shrine adorning the East River skyline of Manhattan. Actually, Ambassador Bolton was being kind. The problem is not just the UN’s stench of corruption, incompetence and lack of managerial discipline, which are shocking enough.

The real problem is the illusion – shared sadly by the Obama administration – that the United Nations has any moral legitimacy, much less effectiveness, in the areas of international peace and security or human rights.

Moreover, to reverse Bolton’s metaphor, the United Nations’ cheerleaders – including the Obama administration – are striving to add even more stories of UN power. Whether it’s  suppressing free speech, trying to take away our national sovereignty in deciding when to use our military power or global wealth redistribution, the United Nations establishment is seeking to expand its powers through unaccountable, undemocratic institutions that are supposed to represent some synthetic form of normative global consensus.

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