2,000 Aborted Fetuses Discovered at Bankok Temple

They had been hidden for a year — apparently to conceal illegal abortions


Thai officials arrange bags containing dead fetuses found at the morgue of a Buddhist temple in Bangkok on Friday. Sakchai Lalit / AP

About 2,000 human fetuses have been found at a Buddhist temple in Thailand’s capital, according to reports.

Thai authorities discovered the remains in the temple’s mortuary, where they had been hidden for a year — apparently to conceal illegal abortions.

A woman who was detained earlier this week in connection with the discovery confessed Friday to performing illegal procedures, Thai media said.

Lanjakorn Jantamanas, 33, allegedly took the fetuses to a morgue at the temple, the Bangkok Post reported.

Police found 348 fetuses on Tuesday after nearby residents complained of a foul smell. Temple staff traced the smell to a compartment in the morgue, where they found plastic bags containing dead fetuses.

Police later raided three clinics in the Thon Buri neighborhood of Bangkok and arrested Jantamanas, the report said.

At least 1,500 more fetuses were found Thursday night, police said.

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