George Clooney Movie Claims Jesus and Christianity a Roman Hoax

Wire Service Canada

A shocking allegation has been made by American movie actor, George Clooney, which is sure to upset millions of religious believers around the world. In a film written and directed by Clooney, he claims that the Roman Catholic Church and the figurehead of Jesus were knowing inventions of the Roman government in the first century B.C.E., part of a hoax designed to produce a passive, orderly society.

Depicting the family of Julius Caesar as cold-blooded killers and con-artists, the movie follows the life stories of Caesar’s three children, Julia, Lucius, and Gaius, as they moved between regions bordering the Mediterranean, adopting disguises and false identities in an attempt to secure increased tax revenues for their father.

Most notable of their schemes was the attempted coup of the Jewish High Priests in Palestine around 50 BC, later altered in official records to coincide with the biblical events of approximately 30 AD. Caesar agreed to let Herod Agrippa, a Greek posing as a Jewish king, marry his 13-year-old daughter Julia, in exchange for Roman support of the impostor king. This allowed Julia to become educated in the Jewish culture so that she could teach her future son, Lucius, how to pose as a potential Jewish Messiah, with the intent of manipulating the Jewish population into allowing their religious beliefs to be updated.

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