The Shadow Knows: Thomas Drake, NSA, and SECRET Psychic Espionage

American Chronicle

Drake faces 35 years in prison for disclosing NSA fiscal abuses, and the agency's notorious spying on Americans.

American Intelligence monitored use of paranormal phenomena for spying since the 1950s. Are they still in the business of recruiting psychics? And why was former NSA Senior Official Thomas Drake, who is now under indictment for espionage, working with UK ‘psychic spy’ Chris Robinson?

( — Why is the US Justice Department pursuing the Thomas Drake whistle-blower case under the Espionage Act? And why did Thomas Drake work with UK ‘psychic spy’ Christopher Robinson for seven years?

In the United States of America v. Thomas Andrews Drake, Defendant, Drake is identified as the Chief of the Change Leadership and Communications Office in the Signals Intelligence Directorate at the National Security Agency, later transferring to Technical Leader in the Directorate of Engineering.

Drake is under indictment for five counts of Retaining Classified Information, Obstruction of Justice, and Making a False Statement, concerning his whistle-blowing over NSA waste and mismanagement related to NSA monitoring of US citizens.

NSA provides Signals Intelligence to US policy makers and military forces.

Drake was indicted under the espionage act — but he is not accused of passing secrets — only the improper handling of classified information he had access to as an employee at NSA with TOP SECRET clearance.

According to an NSA-related source to author Gus Russo, NSA Signals Intelligence includes the use of paranormal phenomena. And in the footnote to a declassified CIA article, NSA is reported to study paranormal topics, such as telepathy.

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