TSA Blogger says young passengers “low risk” but must maintain high level security

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Did you know that while you’re waiting to board your flight or even once air bound that diminutive fellow passenger next to you may be a terrorist, a three foot Jihadist intent on killing you and your family? Well according to the latest response from our favorite blogger Bob, that is exactly what is taking place in today’s society.

It seems TSA, who is under fire once again, has enlisted old Bob to come to the agency’s aid and put out the most recent firestorm in the aftermath of a parent’s child horrific experience at the hands of TSA pat down artists. The parents of a 6 year old girl who was frisked by Bob’s employers,  are making the rounds on mainstream media telling their story and even the state controlled taking heads are coming to the conclusion that having your children being treated like a criminal is kind of overboard.

However Bob can explain this procedural nightmare that your kids at some point are bound to endure:

“Our Administrator is looking into ways to move past the cookie cutter approach to screening. Recognizing that terrorists are willing to manipulate societal norms to evade detection, TSA has been actively assessing less invasive screening methods for low-risk populations, such as younger passengers, while still maintaining a high level of security.”

Whew! Thanks Bob! At the risk of offending the politically correct, I’m thankful for TSA efforts to protect me from a blond haired, blue eyed preschooler who may indeed be carrying a bomb carefully concealed in their Underoos.

Let’s put the jibes aside for a moment and focus on the real issue of “airport security.”

TSA’s policy on profiling is not in it’s handbook, and in his own words Bob calls TSA screening procedures a “cookie cutter approach,” yet grandparents, the disabled, children, and breast feeding mothers are forced to be compliant at the risk of arrest from inept bureaucratic behemoth, OK I’ll say it, Nazi like indoctrination machine out of control.

Meanwhile, as Bob’s cohorts are intently scrutinizing mundane passengers, guess who’s slipping through the net?

According to Stephen Lord, who specializes in homeland security issues at the Government Accountability Office, reviewed Justice Department documents showing that “in December 2007 an individual who later pleaded guilty to providing material support to Somali terrorists boarded a plane at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport en route to Somalia. Similarly, in August 2008, an individual who later pleaded guilty to providing material support to al Qaeda boarded a plane at Newark Liberty International Airport en route to Pakistan to receive terrorist training to support his efforts to attack the New York subway system.”

Other terror suspect travelers who slipped through the cracks have been subsequently tied to the 2008 Mumbai bombings; the plots to attack a Quantico, Va., Marine base and New York City infrastructure; and an attack by a Pakistani-trained American jihadi on an Afghanistan base.

Young. Male. Muslim. Traveling to al-Qaida friendly hot spots. How did these at-risk terror tourists escape scrutiny?

Because TSA’s ill trained focus is on a 6 year old girl rather than the real threat.

Thanks Miss Malkin for pointing out the obvious which seems to lost in Bob’s blogs in his half-assed attempt to allay our concerns when your buddies are fondling our privates.

I don’t think anybody knows who Bob really is or what his/her goals are in achieving the public’s trust to dissuade the growing outrage that is mounting against TSA’s “Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques” plan, but if I were his boss he’d be fired as he is terrible in the most basic propaganda techniques. One only has to read the comments on his blog to realize he’s out of his league. Maybe Bob should read of Edward Bernays, the pioneer of American public relations, (propaganda), as did Joseph Goebbels, you know, Hilter’s favorite Nazi.

You’ll go far Bob in propaganda if you’ll heed my advice. Until that time comes however your name will remain on our list of “Dumbass of the Week”.

Propaganda is the tool for tyranny, and Bob you are truly a “Tool.”