The Donald takes credit:  “I’m really proud of myself, I’ve done what no one else was able to accomplish”


"I have to say that over the last two and half years I have watched with amusement," said Obama during the press conference.

Still half asleep and coffee in hand, I turned on the the television to watch the news. Bill Hemmer was interviewing Eric Cantor on the impending debt ceiling vote when Fox broke away to cover Donald Trump’s arrival in New Hampshire. It was then I learned that the president of the United States had finally released what the birthers have waited so long for, the birth certificate.

A quick search at the White House website did indeed have the document at the ready.

Still not quite awake, I surveyed the long awaited form top to bottom. Seems all in order I say to myself, as I’m definitely no expert in the veracity of official forms or documents. Satisfied, I exit and saunter to the kitchen to get a refill. As I poured myself another cup, a nagging itch of suspicion crept into my thoughts and I returned to view the document once again. There are a few things that still bother me about the new one that are the same as the old one.

First the is the issue of race. The first form lists the fathers race as African, which by definition is not a race. Africa is a continent, and during the 60’s the term negroid or negro was used to describe blacks or African Americans. That has always been from the beginning of this controversial issue one of the main sources of doubt from the birther crowd.

Second, the president’s mother lists her name as “Stanley Ann Dunham” on the first one, but as (Stanley) Ann Dunham Obama on the second. Once again I am no expert on the subject, but from my understanding the president’s parents were never married. Is it unheard of to describe yourself as married after giving birth when in fact you are not? Probably not. It was a different culture in the 60’s and to have a child out of wedlock was viewed as a scarlet letter. Although seeing two different descriptions raises an eyebrow in my opinion.

Thirdly, there is no documentation of vital statistics such as height, weight and so forth. I have my original birth certificate and I was born in 1961 just as the president was, and the document I possess has that information clearly listed on the form. Not only that, but fingerprints as well as footprints. For arguments sake one could rightly say that perhaps Hawaii’s form styles differ from other states and that may be true. But the lack of vitals is bothersome. There are also some almost translucent checks and numbers throughout the document in each category which may be nothing, but I thought them curious.

In a brief statement from the president, he complained in a jovial manner that the networks never break in to hear him speak on manners of importance. Describing the birth certificate controversy he said, ” this issue has been going on for two, two and half years now, and it started I think during the campaign, and I have to say that over the last two and a half years I have watched with amusement, I’ve been puzzled to the degree the way this thing kept on going.” The president went on to say that democrats and republicans alike, along with officials in Hawaii have always confirmed that the president was indeed born in the USA, the end. Or is it? The president definitely seems satisfied, almost amusingly so by the smile on his face.

So will the release satisfy the doubters? Doubtful to say the least. There still are many questions that have not been answered and the list is too long to get into today, and I’m sure that this “breaking” story will be the topic for weeks to come, a purposeful distraction while the United States rapidly falls to the bottom of the pack of economic power.

Whether you believe Obama was born in the US or not, one thing is certainly clear that cannot be disputed. The presidents policies are wrecking the prosperity of this nation and the complete ruination of the country is eminent unless we change course.

That I have no doubt.