NYPD leads tri-state 5-day ‘dirty bomb’ exercise

Wall Street Journal|AP

About 80 NYPD vehicles and 160 officers departed from in front of UN headquarters Tuesday for assignments related to a full-scale exercise to stop a dirty bomb. (Credit: TwitPic/NYPDnews)

NEW YORK — New York City police and law enforcement in the tri-state area began conducting a five-day training drill Tuesday to test whether they are prepared for the possibility of a “dirty bomb” attack.

The exercise, which is scheduled to run through Saturday, involves hundreds of personnel from 150 law enforcement and other first responder agencies who are partners in the Securing the Cities Initiative. It will be conducted on land, including the rail and highways, and on the waterways.

The drill is designed to test the ability to detect and interdict radiological material that could be used in a terrorist attack.

“Because there are still people in this world intent on doing us harm, we are vigilant in our efforts to prevent terrorist attacks and also to keep training in case the unthinkable should happen,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a statement announcing the drill Monday.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that over 400 checkpoints throughout the region would be manned by law enforcement agencies. He said the public could expect to see increased law enforcement activity, including on roadways and transit hubs.

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