Open-carry bill gains traction in Texas House

Drama Queen: The way Demmy Burnam descibes it, arguments would be settled in the streets in a quick draw battle like in the days of the old west. It is suprising to learn that Texas didn't have open carry already. Colorado has had open carry for years and so far no pitched gunfights in the streets.Although brandishing a weapon is forbidden in Denver city limits, and most Coloradans know who run the show there.

A bill that would permit concealed handgun license holders to pack heat in plain view is gaining traction in Austin.

Texas is one of only seven states which does not have some form of an open-carry law.

This week, members of the House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety passed an open-carry bill.

Rep. Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth) was one of 3 members to vote against it.

“To legalize open-carry is just as much a mistake as it is to legalize open booze in a car,” Rep.  Burnam  said.

Under Rep. George Lavender’s (R-Texarkana) bill, CHL holders could carry their weapon openly if it’s in a holster.

“We have a constitutional right to bear arms, and in many ways-it’s being infringed on now,” Rep. Lavender said.

In addition to deterring crime, Rep. Lavender believes open-carry would provide a convince factor.

“Particularly in the summer when it’s so hot, you’d be able to not have to hide it somewhere,” Rep. Lavender said.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea for us to look like this is the mid 19th Century in Texas, or do you think we might be a little more restrained?” Rep. Burnam asked.

The bill now awaits a date on the calendar, so the full House can take it up for consideration.