Liberals on Tax Day: ‘Make the Wealthy Pay’

Susan Jones|CNSNews

America is not broke, liberal activists say. The problem is that many corporations and millionaires are not paying their “fair share” of taxes.

Supporters of MoveOn.Org have organized more than 300 gatherings around the nation on Monday to demand higher taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans who are “raking it in and continue to get tax break after tax break.”

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported on Monday that while wealthy Americans pay less tax than they did a couple of decades ago, 45 percent of U.S. household pay no income taxes at all.

Monday is the deadline for filing federal income tax returns.

“The right-wing wants to convince us we’re broke so that they can push through their radical agenda,” which includes slashing public services, eliminating workers’ rights, and destroying jobs, said in an email message to supporters.

“It’s time to demand that everyone pays their fair share to rebuild the American Dream. We invite frustrated taxpayers, underwater homeowners, vilified public servants, job-hunting students, and unemployed veterans — everyone facing cuts or cutbacks, a pink slip or a shrinking paycheck — to join in.”

Liberals, including film-maker Michael Moore, complain that “well-connected corporations” are using their political power to dodge their taxes. They mention Bank of America and General Electric by name, and they complain that Republicans want to give a “a $50 billion tax bailout to big oil companies” while taking food away from “hungry pregnant women and children.”

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