Dodger Stadium is under martial law

Jim Carlisle|Ventura County Star

Before you start thinking Selig has come to the rescue of Dodgers fans, remember it was Selig, along with the other team owners, who approved his purchase of the team in the first place. They have as much of a role in the Dodgers' downfall as the McCourts do.

My worry about Frank McCourt, a New Englander, used to be that he would take the Los Angeles Dodgers and try to turn them into the Boston Red Sox. I never dreamed he would turn them into the Montreal Expos.

This was the team of my childhood, a team with a remarkably rich American history. Most of all in this context, this was a team of stability. For decades, it had just one owner. For decades, it had just one manager and then, for decades more, just two. For decades, it has had the best broadcaster in baseball and thankfully still does. But Vin Scully notwithstanding, there isn’t a shred of stability left in the Dodgers.

Major League Baseball seized control of the Dodgers on Wednesday.

Read that sentence again. What an incredible development.

Dodger Stadium is under martial law now. If the squadron of LAPD cars patrolling the parking lot, lights flashing, and the uniformed police officers strolling up and down the aisles hadn’t already convinced you of that, this certainly should.

This is a coup d’état, with McCourt playing the role of Hosni Mubarak. Each celebrating Dodgers fan can walk like an Egyptian now.

Commissioner Bud Selig had had enough of McCourt and his fantasy financials. McCourt and his wife Jamie bought the Dodgers with money they didn’t have, ran the Dodgers with money they didn’t have and now Jamie is divorcing Frank, trying to get money he doesn’t have.

You want to know how big a disconnect there is with the McCourts? Jamie put out this statement Wednesday: “As the 50 percent owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I welcome and support the commissioner’s actions to provide the necessary transparency, guidance and direction for the franchise and for Dodgers fans everywhere.”

Oh, sure, like they’ll give her the franchise now.