Interior Secretary: Congressmen Voting To Jump-Start Drilling in Gulf Have Forgotten Oil Spill

Penny Starr|CNSNews

The “Reversing President Obama’s Offshore Moratorium Act” would lift restrictions and move forward on the 2012-2017 lease plan in areas containing the most oil and natural gas resources in the United States.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that passage of three bills in the House of Representatives to jump-start oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico shows that Republican lawmakers “have amnesia.”

“I believe it’s important that nobody here in the United States, including members of the House of Representatives, have amnesia,” Salazar said when he was asked about the legislation during a press conference on Thursday in Washington.

“Some of the members of our Congress are acting as though the Deepwater Horizon, the Macondo well oil spill, never happened,” Salazar said. “It did happen.”

“And so we are engaged in an ongoing, committed effort, determined effort to make sure that oil and gas drilling in deep waters can occur,” he said, “but that they can occur in a safe and environmentally friendly way.”

Salazar delivered the opening remarks at an international forum on “Safe Offshore Energy Development” sponsored by the Interior Department.

On Wednesday, three bills introduced by House Republicans passed with bi-partisan support. The bills (H.R. 1229, 1230 and 1231) “will expand American production, create jobs and lower gasoline prices by reversing Obama administration policies that have placed our American energy resources off-limits,” stated a press release issued by the House Natural Resources Committee.

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