Conflicting Messages: Obama’s Surgeon General tells West Coasters to Buy Iodine

How we forget: Two Nukes were dropped over Japan to end World War II. No fall-out cloud ever reached the US then and the likelyhood it will now is beyond remote. This is propaganda propagated by the left to throtte if not end any energy programs involving nuclear power in the US, and consequently the conservative news agencies seem to jumping into the fray. It's ratings month people, get a grip on reality.

Lori Preuitt|FoxNation

The fear that a nuclear cloud could float from the shores of Japan to the shores of California has some people making a run on iodine tablets. Pharmacists across California report being flooded with requests.

State and county officials spent much of Tuesday trying to keep people calm by saying that getting the pills wasn’t necessary, but then the United States surgeon general supported the idea as a worthy “precaution.”

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is in the Bay Area touring a peninsula hospital. NBC Bay Area reporter Damian Trujillo asked her about the run on tablets and Dr. Benjamin said although she wasn’t aware of people stocking up, she did not think that would be an overreaction. She said it was right to be prepared.

‘Be prepared’: U.S. Surgeon General’s warning as terrified Americans panic-buy anti-radiation drugs over nuclear fall-out fears


  • Surgeon General made remarks while in California

  • sells 250,000 potassium iodide pills
  • Anbex gets three orders a MINUTE instead of per week
  • People missing out on tablets are ‘crying’ and ‘terrified’

Worried Americans are panic-buying drugs to protect themselves against the nuclear fallout in Japan, as fears grow of harmful radiation blowing across to the West Coast.

Stocks of potassium iodide tablets, which aim to stop radiation poisoning the thyroid gland, are running low and customers missing out are said to be ‘crying’ or ‘terrified’.

Scientists have warned of a ‘worst-case scenario’ in which material blasted into the atmosphere after a Fukushima plant ‘meltdown’ could be blown towards the U.S.

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