Aliens, the New World Order and Human Morality

Szandor Blestman|Weekly Blitz

I am, by nature I suppose, quite intrigued with the idea of physical alien beings of equal or superior intelligence living among the stars and occasionally coming to visit this planet. What would you expect from one who writes fantasy, science fiction and horror novels? It is perhaps because of this that I am more open minded to listening to theories and exploring evidence of what’s going on behind the curtains of secrecy which are put up by many government and non government organizations which exercise power over the masses of humanity. I have been far down the rabbit hole and I have returned, hopefully with my sanity intact.

There are some who believe that aliens are in control of this world behind the scenes. Some have even suggested that maybe many of the so called leaders of our planet are actually aliens in disguise. More specifically, there has been a theory floated that people holding high political office are reptilian aliens who can change their appearance so they look human. These theories are, to say the least, interesting to explore. They can also be entertaining and, depending on how one looks at them, somewhat frightening. I don’t know if there are aliens making the major decisions behind the scenes or not. I will say this though, it seems to me that whoever is making these decisions sure has some inhuman thought processes.

There has been for some time now something known as the New World Order trying to gain the trust of the world populace. Though some of our most powerful leaders have been speaking of it for decades, if not centuries, it remains a rather nebulous and poorly defined concept. I believe that the New World Order is a plan put into action long ago by a rather small cadre of the wealthy elite to consolidate world power into their hands. These people have produced all kinds of smoke and mirrors to keep the masses from finding out the truth of their plans. Alien or not, they are doing their best to push us toward a centralized one world government. They are using the massive wealth they’ve accumulated to push an authoritarian agenda that will consolidate all power into their hands.

These beings, be they alien or human, have actually had a lot of control of the world behind the scenes for a long time now. They operate in secret. They have hidden themselves in the shadows because they fear the common man. Perhaps more accurately, they fear what will happen to them should the common folk discover who they are and what they’ve been doing. They don’t want to find themselves subjected to the same violence they’ve been visiting upon the masses of humanity for centuries, if not longer. I would like to believe that the eye of the common folk is turning upon them. They are being recognized for who they are and exposed. I think that if one or a couple were to come forward and confess that they might find humanity is still quite forgiving and it may save them from a gruesome fate.

Those who support the creation of this New World Order state publicly that they wish to do so for the betterment of mankind. Of course, I think these people are likely puppets controlled by the powerful beings behind the scenes. Most of them are politicians, professional bureaucrats, or spokespeople for mega international corporations. They say they wish to put an end to war. They say they wish to put an end to poverty. They say they wish to bring Utopia to earth and that they can do so by establishing a one world government to oversee every aspect of the lives of all citizens of the world. They lie.

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