See what al-Qaida does with children

Bob Unruh|WorldNetDaily

Defense documents reveal terror group’s shocking plans for youth

Al-Qaida actively recruits children to be suicide bombers by having its loyalists hang out at mosques and Islamic schools and offering books, flyers and magazines and occasionally money, but they have found that Islam is the biggest incentive to convince youth to blow up themselves and kill others, according to a federal document.

“Juveniles as young as 14 years of age are used for martyrdom operations,” the document, obtained by Judicial Watch under a Freedom of Information Act request, stated. “Juveniles are more willing to martyr themselves due to their lack of reasoning on taking innocent lives.”

The documents come from the Department of Defense’s Defense Intelligence Agency and were in response to a request for records relating to children as intended targets of terrorism and the terror threat against children.

The government identified several documents responsive to the request, and forwarded them to Judicial Watch after significant redactions of information regarding who formulated the assessments and to whom they were delivered.

A letter from Paul Jacobsmeyer, chief of the Office of Freedom of Information for the DoD, explained that other information that was redacted “concerns intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology ….”

The first document has the topic lines “FM JTF GTMO” and it is to “[redacted] Washington D.C.”

The subject is “recruitment of juveniles by al-Qaida.” It further specifies the al-Qaida at issue is in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

“Extremist groups in Saudi Arabia and Yemen used religion as the main mechanism for recruiting juveniles,” the first report said. “These groups would take juveniles to mosques to listen to religious lectures. More time was spent with the youths who appeared susceptible to the ideology of the extremist group.”

Individuals were identified by al-Qaida recruiters at “street soccer games, schools, colleges and mosques.”

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