Law Officer Wears Ski Mask On Traffic Stops In Houston County Al

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Ambiguous: Probable cause, better known as PC to law enforcement gives officers any reason to perform a traffic stop. Eluding from an unmarked vehicle is not a crime. The best action to take is to pull over in front of a police station if you believe you are in jeopardy.If deputy Small wanted to remain an undercover asset to the department, he should have not been involved in the arrest. MWFH's

HOUSTON COUNTY: What would you do if two black males, in civilian clothes, turns blue lights on to pull you over, on a unmarked vehicle, and one of the two is wearing a ski mask?

That is happening in Houston County.

Houston County Sheriff Vice Deputy Phillip Small and a black male are pulling people over. The black male with Deputy Small is wearing a ski mask, a bullet proof vest with “ State Police” written on the back and has a big gun on him.

After numerous complaints from people not associated with each other we started looking into the allegations. What we found was alarming.

On Thursday evening we took a statement from a black male that was arrested by Deputy Phillip Small and the NINJA Masked Officer. The person was arrested for attempting to elude Small and the masked officer. The person made claims the masked officer was rough on him, putting his foot in his back and talking mean to him.

These claims are echoed by others that have come into contact with Deputy Small and the ski masked NINJA.

You can see the interview in this article.

My Interaction With This Masked NINJA Law Enforcement Officer

On Friday I saw deputies on a traffic stop at Piggly Wiggly on Montgomery Highway. They had people in handcuffs. I pulled in to take some photographs. I was in my truck parked a distance away.

When the NINJA officer saw me he came running over to my truck with his hand on his firearm. The NINJA Officer ordered me to give him my camera or delete the pictures or I would be arrested. I said “ yes sir” and drove off.

I did not delete the pictures and had done nothing for him to arrest me for. I left because I could not stop him from arresting me could only fight his actions in court. I had the picture and did not want him to have an opportunity to destroy the picture.

NOTE: Spoke with District Attorney Doug Valeska about this incident. Valeska said he did not know what he would arrest me for. I am media and did not interfere or obstruct them in their duties.

Who Is The Masked NINJA?

We have learned the masked NINJA is a agent of the Alabama Beverage Control Board ( ABC ). He is working undercover and does not want anyone to know who he is. That excuse is not acceptable.

We have talked with several law enforcement officers  – active and retired, and several citizens about a masked man running around on traffic stops. Not one single person has said this was acceptable practices.

One active law enforcement officer, when asking about stopping for unmarked cars,  said a masked man is not a law enforcement officer and do not stop for it.

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