A Raunchy game for the Nintendo Wii has outraged parents who say it promotes orgies and lesbian sex to kids as young as 12.

Felix Allen|The Sun

The girls are seen with the Wii remote dangling suggestively between their lips. Players then hide the “Wiimote” inside their clothes before the others spank their bottoms to control a flying cartoon character on screen.

The men strip off for the girls as part of another task.

One version of the promotional video, already seen by 375,000 people on YouTube, ends with the lads swapping partners and apparently going off to have sex. An alternative ending has all four romping together. The game is due for release on the Wii and PlayStation 3 next month.

But parents say the 12+ certificate is a disgrace. Laura Pearson, 52, from Birmingham, said: “I have a 13-year-old daughter. If I knew she was playing a highly-charged sexual game I would be appalled.”

A spokeswoman for French makers Ubisoft said: “We Dare is intended for an adult audience.” She said the age rating was set by an independent European panel.

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Wii’s “We Dare” promotional video: