Stop the hate campaign against law-abiding American businesses

Michelle Malkin

Van Jones: Top down, bottom up, inside out.

My column today spotlights the left-wing/New York Times alliance against Chick-Fil-A. Anti-corporate/anti-Christian blogs + MSM advocacy journalism = job-sabotaging smear machine.

Chick-Fil-A isn’t the only one in the restaurant industry targeted by the progressive mob over the past month.

The SEIU has been waging open-borders attacks on restaurant chain Chipotle simply because the company complied with federal immigration law and fired employees unable to provide valid documentation that they’re here legally. Less than two weeks ago, the Purple Army dispatched its goons to Minneapolis to disrupt business at a downtown Chipotle. Similar protests were staged at Chipotle locations in CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, IL, NY and VA. Judging from this video, the Big Labor business-bashers are having quite the party making a living by impeding the work of others:

Persuasion of Power (TM).

While the White House rushed this week to promote entrepreneurship and help businesses grow, the administration should have been telling its radical allies to do the economy a favor: Leave law-abiding American businesses alone.

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