Globalist endgame now in play in middle east

Thomas Hackney|The Examiner

OLIGARCH: Ol-i-gark, NOUN, Man who rules, who is wealthy enough to buy politicians' will and discretion, who can command the world leaders to do his bidding usually to drive trade dollars to his pocketbook.

Using a sophisticated version of the old British playbook, a playbook the tiny island nation once used to create the largest empire in history, international elites are destabilizing the Middle East in order to send oil prices to the moon, destroy the U.S. dollar, and usher in a new world banking order. From chaos and world war, new order and profits. Using Google (NSA), CIA, CFR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and FED-induced food price inflation, major change is underway throughout the Middle East.

According to insider Lindsey Williams, who claims to be a globalist mouthpiece, the goal of the current gambit in the Middle East is to deprive the United States of its oil so that oil reserves in the United States can finally be tapped and sold for $150-200 a barrel. Up to now America’s immense oil and gas reserves have been kept off limits through political correctness propaganda and unpopular energy policy, but this will be promptly reversed once the Middle East cannot (or refuses to) sell its oil to the U.S. This will be accomplished by destroying the dollar causing the Arabs’ largely U.S. Treasury bill wealth to become worthless. Once the 40-year swindle is perceived by them, it is believed the Arabs will be loathe to sell the U.S. any more oil.