Leaked HBGary Documents Show Plan To Spread Wikileaks Propaganda For BofA… And Attack Glenn Greenwald


From the this-is-like-out-of-a-bad-movie dept

Sometimes reality can be more entertaining than fiction. You may have followed the recent story involving a security firm called HBGary Federal, in which the company’s CEO, Aaron Barr, told the Financial Times this weekend that he had secretly “infiltrated” the non-group Anonymous and identified its leadership… and that he was planning to hand over the info to law enforcement. Of course, it was pretty questionable how accurate the information is, considering Anonymous isn’t actually a “group” with a hierarchy at all. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that there were some folks who were heavily active, but that’s different than claiming there’s “leadership.”

Either way, Anonymous did what Anonymous does when someone does something it doesn’t like: they hacked. Beyond taking over Barr’s Twitter account and revealing all sorts of private info and taking over various web servers connected to HBGary Federal, it also released 44,000 of the company’s emails.

Once again, as I’ve said before, I really don’t think this is a good idea. The potential backlash can be severe and these kinds of attacks can create the opposite long-term incentives that the folks involved think they’re creating. It also gets people a lot more focused on the method rather than the message and that seems unfortunate.

Still, the leaked emails are turning up some gems, with a key one being that Bank of America (widely discussed as Wikileaks’ next target) had apparently been talking to HBGary Federal about how to disrupt Wikileaks. That link, from The Tech Herald, includes tons of details. The full proposal (embedded below) feels like something straight out of a (really, really bad) Hollywood script.

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