Muzzammil Hassan convicted of beheading wife after only 50 minutes of deliberations

Nina Mandell|NYDailyNews

This verdict should set an example that Sharia "justice" will not be tolerated in the United States of America.

A Western New York man was convicted of beheading his wife after the jury deliberated for only an hour on Monday.

Muzzammil Hassan used hunting knives to kill his wife of nine years, Aasiya Hassan in February of 2009, six days after she filed for divorce.

The verdict came after a trial that featured Hassan defending himself and often going into long diatribes in his own defense.

While he never denied beheading his wife, Hassan claimed throughout the trial that he in fact was a battered spouse and had feared for his own life. In the middle of the two-week trial, he took the witness stand for four days, sputtering bizarre testimony about his marriage, according to the Buffalo News.

“All these people are hearing stories,” he told the jury in closing arguments, the newspaper said. “They want you to believe stories are evidence. They have no witnesses.”

Earlier in the trial, he dismissed his lawyer Jeremy Schwartz, who acted as his legal advisor through the duration of the trial, reported.

The television executive told the unconvinced jurors that the prosecution based their case on lies spread by his wife during the last two years of their marriage. After an hour of his closing statement, the newspaper reported that jurors began looking restless.

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