New York Times Calls for Congressional Action on Gun Control

Susan Jones|CNSNews

A day after opining that “it is legitimate to hold Republicans…responsible” for the anger that has produced violent threats against politicians, the New York Times on Tuesday sounded a call for gun control.

“The ludicrously thin membrane that now passes for gun control in this country almost certainly made the Tucson tragedy worse,” said the newspaper editorial. “Members of Congress are legitimately concerned about their own safety now, but they should be no less worried about the effect of their inaction on the safety of all Americans.”

The editorial urges lawmakers to “stand up to the National Rifle Association and its allies,” which “have made the country a far more dangerous place.”

The newspaper specifically urges Congress to take up a bill proposed by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), that would ban “the extended ammunition clip used by the Arizona shooter.” (The Times, in referring to the gun’s magazine, repeatedly uses the wrong term. An ammunition “clip” is not the same thing as a gun’s magazine.)

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