Arizona Senator on Illegal Immigration and the Constitution

Caitlin Dickson|Atlantic Wire

WASHINGTON, DC – Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce came to CNN prepared for a fight. When questioned by reporter Jessica Yellin, Pearce, who authored this summer’s controversial SB1070, began throwing out examples from the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings to back up his stance against illegal immigration.

The Arizona senator tells Yellin that his new piece of legislation, which moves to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, is aimed at restoring the original intent of the 14th Amendment. “You can’t break into the country and expect to be rewarded,” he says, arguing that even children who were brought here illegally by their parents should be considered law-breakers.

Editors Note MWFH’s: Here’s a preview of the 14th amendment debate that will surely dominate the drive-by media landscape in 2011. It will be a painful process to embed the idea to the Left that illegal immigration is an national crisis that must be dealt with a heavy hand, and using children to pull at the heartstrings of Americans is becoming passe. For arguments sake, granted, the so called Right hasn’t lifted a finger to curb the massive influx of illegals in past decades either. But a better late than never approach is finally here and our sovereignty depends on understanding the Constitution as written, and the amendment’s original intent.

How do we score this early debate? CNN 0, Arizona State Senator Russel Pearce 1. Not because we are unsympathetic to children born here at no fault of there own, not because of color of skin, and certainly not because America’s desired intent to welcome all, including those who criminally trespass to our shores at an imperiled cost to this nations economy, but because it is the law, and Pearce is right on the money. The Left’s continued pursuit to draft an all encompassing legislation is not about feeling sorry for the down trodden or poor little babies, but to secure voters in upcoming elections. Plain and simple. So no offense to the author Miss Caitlin, whose view appears to lean in an obvious direction by stating ” Even children considered lawbreakers” (insert shock and awed) by Pearce’s admission.

The Left can call an apple an orange until they’re blue in the face, but in the end,when you take a bite, it’s still an apple. K.M.