Reading Constitution out loud called ‘fetish’

Joe Kovacs|WorldNetDaily

Rush Limbaugh fires back, blasting ‘perverts’ who twist founding document

In a nation founded upon the U.S. Constitution, one might think that reading the founding document out loud on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives might not be controversial, but some on the left suggest those promoting its voicing have a “fetish.”

Among them is Dahlia Lithwick of, who penned a column titled, “Read It and Weep: How the tea party’s fetish for the Constitution as written may get it in trouble.”

Dictionaries define “fetish” as an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion, often associated with sexual gratification.

During an appearance on MSNBC last night, Lithwick said she believed there was historical precedent for a constitutional fetish among those on the political right.

“The way some people rub Buddha and they think the magic will come off, I think there’s a longstanding tradition in this country. We’re awfully religious about the Constitution,” she said. “I think there is this sort of fetishization that is of a piece with the sort of need for a religious document that’s immutable and perfect in every way.”

She added: “Part of what’s a little bit fraud about this conversation is that the same people who are fetishizing the document as written, as framed by the framers – and bracket the idea that there wasn’t one framer and there was no one agenda embodied in this – but even if you bracket that idea, I think there’s a real problem with the idea that we’re trying to sort of fetishize the document at the same moment that we’re falling over ourselves to amend and change the parts we don’t like.”

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